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New TiVo Experience Hits Mobile Apps

TiVo is out with a massive refresh of its Android and Apple iOS apps this week. Most notable is the extension of the TiVo Experience 4 (aka Hydra and Mira) to mobile. And. I gotta say, I actually prefer Hydra here (vs TV lean back) – it provides a snappy and sleek modern look that works well in this content. TiVo also indicates we should expect a variety of streaming performance improvements with more granular config options. Bonus: iPhone X support.

However, as with all initial TiVo releases, to get the software out the door in a timely fashion (one presumes), a number of features have been excised: Downloaded shows are no longer grouped within folders (see bottom left pic) and you can no longer swipe to delete. Also possibly in the negative column, remote control visuals have been updated… dropping the iconic peanut presentation, with mixed results. Still no iPhone cellular streaming, although I’m told it’s on the roadmap.

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  • So this is version 4.1 and TiVo VP Ted Malone tells me 4.2 is not far out, will correct some initial issues.

  • @Dave is there any word on SKIP and QUICK mode options? It is possible/not possible will we ever get it. I understand that big part of offering those features on TIVO Hardware is to sell those units, but if Tivo could add this to the Apps for iOS, Andorid and later on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku this would actually trigger more sales for BOLT boxes I would think.

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