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Which rumors you ask… support for every codec ever invented, well organized interface, pocketable form factor, FM, compact flash? No that other rumor, the one about the screen.

Having played with the Zen Vision(s) over the last few days, I am sad to report the display rumors are true – the viewing angle is crap. I’m not sure what causes the problem, whether it’s the LCD elements, protective coating, or something else. Regardless, the Vision’s specs are great across the board but having to use the device under low light while holding it at a very specific angle is a deal breaker.

The good news is that the Roboraptor, my other must-have gadget of the year, does live up to expectations and will be joining my household shortly.

Zen Visions

Sony Updates PSP, VOD & TV

Dave Zatz —  October 13, 2005

Location Free TVSony made good on their promise to provide LocationFree TV with today’s PSP 2.5 software upgrade. Streaming live television through the house to a PSP is mildly impressive… However, being able to use the Internet to provide a remote television feed (see Slingbox) is quite cool, indeed. What Sony neglected to mention is the cheapest LocationFree TV unit goes for $1100.

This update also provides support for those of us in America to eventually purchase and view video content – perhaps similar to the Japanese video portal. The timing of this announcement is quite coincidental (or not) to yesterday’s release of the video iPod with the ability to purchase downloadable television shows via iTunes.

Sony says: You can watch TV or videos on your PSP™ system by using the LocationFree™ Player. To watch TV or videos at home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately). To watch away from home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately) and access to the Internet using a wireless LAN.

Copyright-protected video can now be played under [Video]. Note that fees may be charged to obtain or use copyright-protected video. Downloadable copyright-protected video may not be available in all countries and regions.

PSP 2.5

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Optoma H10Being city-based apartment dwellers, we don’t have the space for a dedicated home theater. Therefore, projector/DVD combo units are appealing as a way to host an occasional big screen experience. Robert Heron reviewed three contenders in the 10/18/05 issue of PC Magazine. Optoma’s MoveTime DV10 was his Editors’ Choice due to accurate colors, native 16:9 resolution, and a quiet fan. HP’s ep9010 was a close second, and while it had great sound from the built-in 20 watt subwoofer the unit’s excessive weight and noisy fan kept it out of the winner’s circle.
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It’ll set you back about 800 bucks, but if you’re looking for a high-grade aluminum movie and gaming rig with surround sound on a racing chassis they’ve got you covered. Not to mention you’ll have a variety of seat covers and paint colors to choose from.


HotSeat says: Storming gaming rooms nationwide, HotSeat SOLO®, HotSeat RACER® and HotSeat PC GAMER® deliver incredibly realistic gaming experiences by combining comfortable, adjustable seating with integrated hi-fidelity surround sound. Experience highly articulate sound with crisp highs, inspiring midrange and deep, solid bass. All HotSeats are capable of playing at ear splittingly loud volumes while producing emersive surround sound in your gaming and movie tracks.

Over 8 million UMD movies have been sold for the Sony PSP encouraging GameFly, the video game rental service, to begin offering flicks via mail-order last month. So I gave Netflix a call to see if they’re still sitting this one out. Steve Swasey, Director of Corporate Communications, told me Netflix has no plans to rent UMD movies saying it’s a “highly specialized, marginal” market niche. Instead Netflix is focusing new media attention on high definition DVD offerings. Meanwhile, Tom’s Hardware reports Sony will be increasing production of UMD movies from 200,000/day to 500,000/day to keep up with demand and they expect to sell 130 million discs in 2008.

With such high UMD movie production goals, will we be seeing UMD set-top boxes, PS3 UMD accessories, or even a new Sony Clie line in the future?