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TiVo Amazon Fire TV App Confirmed!

Dave Zatz —  September 30, 2015

Amidst the TiVo Bolt hits and misses, an Amazon Fire TV app has been confirmed. As first demonstrated in July of 2014, as an overseas MSO cloud offering and in relation to TiVo’s Haxe transition, Digital Trends suggests the app should be available to retail customers real soon.

TiVo would probably prefer you invest in one of its TiVo Mini boxes to share stored content with other televisions in the house, but with support for Apple Airplay and a new TiVo Android app available for Fire TV, you can use the streamers you might already have to access all of your recordings.

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TiVo Bolt – What We Know

Dave Zatz —  September 29, 2015

We first caught wind of the TiVo Bolt via USPTOCableLabs, and FCC regulatory filings. Info gleaned from premature website publication and industry sources suggest this Series 6 lineup will ultimately replace the four-unit Roamio family with a streamlined trio of 4k-capable models – that all include mobile “Stream” capabilities for unified functionality and marketing. The Bolt line also looks to retain spinning platters for local storage, although DVR hard drive capacity and physical size remain open questions.


Given that web graphic, it’s safe to assume at least two models will feature a stunning new enclosure that will surely elicit strong opinions. Based on the render, I originally had my doubts. But, now having seen it, I quite like and would have no problem displaying the all-white (OTA/Cable) or black & white (OTA) variant on my TV stand. Beyond aesthetics, I assume that asymmetrical arch also helps with heat dissipation. Continue Reading…

WWE Muscles Its Way Onto TiVo

Dave Zatz —  September 25, 2015

wwe-tivoI’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. Which are one in the same. It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose.

As we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of TiVo Bolt, the DVR pioneer’s next streaming app has presented itself. Nope, it’s not HBO, Showtime, nor ESPN. It’s WWE. Although I’m not overly excited, there are clearly a couple of you who will be once the app hits within the next few weeks. Continue Reading…

No one leaks quite like TiVo… as the forthcoming TiVo Bolt has just shown up in five YouTube videos that seemingly document time to launch, play, etc for the development staff. However, for us civilians, there are a few interesting nuggets.

First, the Bolt will feature flatter interface elements, as previously disclosed via patent filings and an overseas demo.  Next, we can confirm the TiVo Bolt really is the “Series 6” — which reinforces differing internals than Roamio and perhaps bolster the case for those 4k capabilities I’d been alerted to. Lastly, lo and behold, the System Information screen is finally rendered in glorious HD! Will 2015 be the year that TiVo finally and completely abandons the SDUI? (probably not)

By way of Fierce Cable, we learn TiVo is seemingly posed to introduce voice recognition and control.

Jeff Klugman, EVP and general manager of products and revenues for TiVo, said “I don’t know” when questioned whether the company would build a TiVo app for the Apple TV. Klugman also pointed out that TiVo offers a number of the same features as Apple TV, including universal, voice-powered search.

Now TiVo wouldn’t be the first to bring voice to the DVR and linear television, as Comcast beat them to market with a legit Xfinity solution. And, on the streamer side, Roku and Fire TV both provide voice control… via physical remote or app. Indeed, a quick Internet search shows TiVo has been developing an Android solution with cloud-based, natural language processing.


I assume iOS would also be on the docket and perhaps a revised remote control will ship with the 4k TiVo Bolt. But I really, really hope voice control extends beyond TiVo’s universal search. Despite their generally superior interface, pulling up apps remains inefficient … and I’d much rather just speak “Launch Netflix.”

TiVo Lite Isn’t For You

Dave Zatz —  September 13, 2015

In response to TiVo’s IBC press release, we’ve received several inquiries. And I’m here to tell you: the TiVo Lite isn’t for us. Which is OK.

Incorporating technologies from Cubiware, Digitalsmiths and TiVo, TiVo Lite answers operators’ call for distinctive, next generation multi-screen experiences which can be used to improve their competitive position while also being very cost effective to deploy. Built on Cubiware’s CubiTV middleware, TiVo Lite enables TiVo’s award-winning experience on a range of low-cost STBs.

The Cubiware acquisition was all about getting a toehold in less TV-centric overseas markets with a more simplistic set-top. And, in short order, TiVo has obviously integrated the TiVo interface, if not full fledged, tricked out DVR capabilities, onto Cubi’s middleware. What we’re looking at is something akin to Evolution Digital’s TiVo-skinned DTA… which they themselves may be running Cubiware … with TiVo. Continue Reading…

TiVo Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Samsung


Nearly a year after TiVo brought video streaming to Android, the DVR pioneer has just followed up with video downloads for offline viewing — finally putting the app on par with iPhones and iPads, perhaps even exceeding iOS given cellular capabilities. As TiVo is quick to caution, the recordings you’ll have access to are determined by your carrier’s relationships with the studios (real or perceived, right TWC?). As a FiOS customer, nearly everything is available to me (other than HBO and Fox properties) … although having requested higher quality downloads, as illustrated below, not enough time has elapsed for me to actually sample and report back on TiVo’s latest video goodness.

TiVo Roamio Pro and Plus owners, such as myself, have these capabilities built-in. Whereas Roamio OTA, Roamio Basic, and Premiere DVR owners, will need the TiVo Stream accessory to beam their content around. Presumably, TiVo will simplify things with the upcoming Bolt line and I’m hopeful all models in the new lineup with feature mobile access … and more.

(Thanks Dan!)